"1,900,000 children a year lose their life due to unclean water"(UNICEF).
It is said that even now, approximately one third of the world's population can not
get clean water.

This product is made essentially for emergency use with a purifying case firmly attached
on a rear seat of a bicycle. This New CycloClean has three distinctive features.
A user can ride a New CycloClean bicycle to a destination where it is difficult to access by
other types of vehicles. A user can produce drinking water by pedaling a bicycle.
Raw water can be obtained from rivers, ponds, swimming pools and bathtub water.

New CycloClean bicycle is comprised of: *a solid bicycle to get to areas inaccessible by
larger vehicles and to pedal the pump. There are *four filters, one pre-filter and three filters
to purify water for drinking.

*New Cycloclean can produce 6 liters of drinking water per minute,
 3 times amount of daily drinking water for a single person per day.
*A microbicidal function is equipped.
*Make sure bathtub water is free of bathtub agents.
*Sea water is not appropriate to be used as a water supply.
*Listed price is before tax.

Simple overview of Cycloclean

Parts for filtering 1 MF hollow fiber membrane, 1 hybrid carbon filter, 1 primary filter
Filtration dirts, bacteria, smell
Applicable water resourse water from natural environments and pooled water in tanks.
Processing capacity with fresh water:5.0 liter/min
Outline measure W 580 x L1,780 x H1,100 mm
Outline weight about 50 kg
Fitting 1 intake water hose, 1 permeated water hose, 1 manual
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